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      Suizhou Zenghouyi Chime and Stone Chime Culture Co., Ltd. —— “a model base for cultural industries of Hubei Province”, “a productive protection base of China’s intangible cultural heritages” and “a standard setting unit for national ‘chime’ musical instruments industry standards”. Established in 1986, the Company has developed to cover an area of over 60 mu with beautiful natural environment. It has a 1500 m2 R&D and office building, a 600 m2 constant-temperature wax molding workshop, a modern 2000 m2 precision casting workshop and a 3000 m2 auxiliary production workshop and facilities, and possesses top-ranking advanced casting equipment. The company focuses on making replicas and imitations of the Eighth Wonder of the World ——chimes and stone chimes of Marquis Yi of Zeng State during the Warring States period, undertakes the making of various bronze wares, l
      Bianzhong is an ancient Chinese heavy musical instrument with a long history. It was not only used for Heaven and Earth worshiping, guests entertaining, ancestors esteeming, peace praying and blessing, but also used for people education and music teaching. Ancient rulers would smelt and cast bells or tripods to declare the majesty and peace every time there are grand or major celebrations, hence, chime bells are also called Peace Bell and only princes and marquises can have a privilege to enjoy the joy of chime bell beating. The exquisite chime bell represents the highest technical level of the Bronze Age and manifests with its fossilized history and millennium constant timbre the splendid civilization that the Chinese nation was far ahead of the world thousands of years ago, thus it is called as a “rare treasure” and a “wonder of the world” by the experts and scholars at home and abroad. The chime bell’s scale is equal to the heptachord in modern C Major, an international standard pitch.



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